Best Beat Generals Review for 2017

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So you want to make professional beats that get everybody jumping in the club? Learning how to make beats is fun. You can also make you a great deal of green on the side selling awesome beats online. Heck, you can even make a decent living selling professional beats that rock. Trouble is when you are just starting out or somewhere along the way to successful production you could get stuck due to lack of experience, knowledge and expensive million dollar studio equipment. The good news is that you don’t need much to make it.

When you realize that your beats are not as hype as you thought they were, you freak out! You open your web browser and type in what everyone else does, “FL Studio tutorial” or “how to make beats”. Most of what you get is the usual garbage out but then you took note of this outstanding online beats maker program everyone is talking about. The beat generals’ package. And so you are here to find out whether program is legit or just another internet scam.

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Ours is to tell you what the program has to offer and the features that you will enjoy if you subscribe as well as the downside of the program. Also you will get a verdict on whether most previous customers found it useful but the ultimate decision to subscribe to the program or not depends on you and what you are looking for. Read on learn more and understand why everyone is talking about beat generals. Get all the insights you need to make an informed decision to purchase or not.

About Beat Generals

Beat Generals is a website membership program designed to offer some of the best audiovisual tutorials online for creating mind blowing out of this world kind of beats. In addition to informative tutorials, the website also offers support to exclusive members to help them create original and professional beats using one of the best beat maker software available, FL Studio.

Whether or not you have basic FL Studio knowledge, this program is for you. Personally, when I discovered I knew FL Studio existed, but I had ever gone past the installer package. So before you continue to purchase this package, you had better download and install a functional latest version of the FL Studio software because all tutorials in here require just that.
What is included in the beat generals program?

1. Video tutorials

The program offers you access to over 2600 high definition videos to explain to you how the best music you love is made and how to make your own quality professional grade beats. Videos are detailed in explanation and cover each and every bit of FL Studio leaving nothing to assumption. You will need about ten thousand minutes to watch all the content provided though it is not necessary that you watch them all.

2. High-quality sound samples

The package also includes exclusive links to download high-quality professional studio-grade drum beats to use as building blocks for your own hyped beats. I found that there are hundreds of drum kits of really high quality that I still use. You can also choose between full projects files midi files to enable you to make just the kind of beat you want.

3. Support for beat making

I am a fast learner, but I also found that as a beginner FL Studio can scare the living beats out of you and it is always nicer to know that you have some reliable gurus on standby to help you out with any glitches you might encounter. My setup seemed to run smoothly and didn’t experience any major problems making my first piece of badass music that I am very proud of. Through this program, I was able to meet and chat with interesting people from all over the world who share my passion for good beats. It’s just great.

4. Monthly updates for the latest sounds and styles

Perhaps the best thing about being a member of the beat maker program is that you are never really in a rush to understand everything in a day or two. You get to learn everything at your own pace but also get to learn the latest tricks and tips for making vibrant and lively beats everyone wants. You will notice through this program that much of what is advertised as latest skills on how to make beats on some online platforms is garbage. Music making is a rapidly changing profession and what was popular last week is not what we want to hear this week. To stay ahead of the crowd this program updates their tutorials on a monthly basis. You can take to the bank that you are paying for today’s news and not stuff that no longer excites the masses. That is what made me choose this program over a few others I was considering.

Every month you can learn new stuff for as long as you like. You can take as long as you like and revisit the lessons you did not understand over and over again. I lie this about the program in contrast to other online beats tutors that promise you how you can make professional beats in a day, and hour or even a week which I think is not feasible for me.

Benefits of enrolling in the beat generals program

1. Learn how to make beats that everyone loves

There is a slight distinction between being able to make good beats and being able to make awesome beats everyone absolutely loves and that’s what makes the difference. Being a sound engineer has nothing to do with it. Making cool beats that make people dance in their slumber is a gift from above, but you can never unlock your true potential without trying. And because life is cruel and discouraging, most people with such a gift throw in the towel too early. Make money selling professional beats

This program will inspire and teach you how to make beats that people will be willing to pay money for. You can make a killing selling beats online like thousands of entrepreneurs before you. All you have to do is try you best with a good program like this, and you are well on your way to good fortune.

2. Learn how to make beats without buying expensive equipment

Lack of funds, equipment, time, knowledge and motivation makes most people quit too early. With quality sound samples to use as building blocks for your music, you can make professional music we all love without having to invest in thousands perhaps millions worth of studio equipment. With hundreds of drum kits just a click away, the possibilities are endless.

3. Access to high quality easy to follow video tutorials

One advantage of the program is that you cannot possibly go wrong with well-illustrated videos. You will understand all the features of FL Studio easily and how to make beats, your own masterpiece within a short time. It is really a big shortcut for the beginner rather than wasting time on YouTube tutorials that lack continuity and clarity.

4. Good for beginners and intermediate learners

Yet another often overlooked great feature of the program is that it teaches the basics too. I mean, not all of us have a music making background, and we would all love to learn without getting discouraged. It’s great to be able to learn everything from the ground up to advanced levels all under one program.

5. Affordable price

The price is actually much less than what is provided on the website once you get a discount plus I love the fact that you can try the program for GRATIS! The free trial is, of course, limited, but at least you get to meet some of the features you will get when you subscribe to premium version which is great. Also, it proves that the program is not a rip-off.

Limitations of the beat generals program

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•Requires a good amount of time to cover it all
Looking at the amount of tutorials offered under this program, you might need to plan your time well and skip past what you already know to make the most of your time.

the material tutorials offered under this program, you might need to plan your time well and skip past what you already know to make the most of your time.
• Monthly renewable subscription
The beat generals program may cheaper than other programs, but it is a monthly subscription that requires a renewal to continue getting updates.
• Will be harder to make work if you don’t love FL Studio
If for some reason  you are not comfortable with or in a position to install FL Studio, you will find the program rather boring and irrelevant because it is all based on that software’s interface. You can still compare notes if you have a similar program and you don’t mind the constant references to Fl Studio features.

Final verdict: is the beats general program worth your time?

If you are looking for a website membership program that will help you to transform your beat making skills and bring your beats to life, so everyone everywhere is nodding, this is the real deal. Not only can you try it for free but you also get a 60-day money back guarantee plus you can discontinue your membership at any time you deem fit. Seeing as there is nothing to lose and heaven to gain, I am forced to rule that the beat generals program is worth it. The decision is now yours to make, do you think the beat generals are worth a shot? Only one the way to find out for sure!